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The Greater Wilshire Neighborhood Council

Agenda for Wednesday, March 12, GWNC Board Meeting

Submitted by lizfuller on Fri, 03/07/2014 - 12:38.

The Ebell of Los Angeles
4400 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, 90005
Wednesday, March 12, 2014, 7:00 p.m.
PUBLIC Comment: The public is requested to fill out a Speaker Card to address the Board on any item on the agenda. Comments from the public on the agenda items will be heard only when that item is being considered. Comments from the public on other matters, not appearing on the agenda but within the Board’s subject matter jurisdiction, will be heard during the Community Concerns and Public Comment periods. Public comment is limited to two (2) minutes per speaker, unless waived by the presiding officer of the Board.

1. Call to Order (Owen Smith)

2. Roll Call (Jeffry Carpenter)

3. Approval of the Minutes (Jeffry Carpenter) (5 mins)*

   A. Approval of the Minutes of the February 12, 2014 General Meeting
   B. Approval of the Minutes of the Feburary 12, 2014 Emergency Meeting

4. President’s Report (Owen Smith) (15 mins)

    A. Ethics & Funding Training –

All board members and alternates must complete ethics training in order to vote on funding motions before the board. The course is available online at

In addition to Ethics training, all board members and alternates are also REQUIRED to take a new funding training course (about the new system of NC checking accounts that will be launched soon). The course is at
The last page of the presentation contains a link -
to a completion form you can submit to register your attendance.

Board members and alternates MUST complete both trainings to be eligible to vote on funding-related matters.

The following tables show which Board Members and which Alternates have completed which trainings. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are self-verified and do not show up in DONE’s posted results at as of 1/5/14 (though some verifications may have been added since that date). Please note: DONE does not yet post results for our alternates (though we have requested that they do so).

Board Members
Carpenter - Ethics, Funding
Carroll - Funding
Eggleston - Ethics, Funding
Fox - Ethics
Funderburk - Ethics, Funding
Genewick - Ethics, Funding
Gresham - Ethics, Funding
Humphreville - Ethics, Funding
Lombard - Ethics
Mariscal - Ethics, Funding
McFall, F. - Ethics, Funding
McManus - Ethics, Funding
Oie - Ethics, Funding
Peers - Ethics, Funding
Pickett - Ethics, Funding
Smith - Ethics, Funding
Usher - Ethics, Funding
Valdez - Ethics, Funding
Whitley - Ethics, Funding
Wittmann - Ethics, Funding
Wolf - Ethics

Chvatal (Wolf)
D’Atri (Mariscal) - Funding*
Dougherty (Fox)
Gilman (Usher) - Ethics*, Funding*
Horwitz (Eggleston) - Ethics*
Karp (McManus)
Kumetz (Lombard)
McFall, I. (McFall, F.) - Ethics*
McDonough (Oie) - Ethics*, Funding*
Mintz (Smith)
Moser (Humphreville) - Ethics*, Funding*
Mulligan (Carroll) - Ethics*, Funding*
O’Donnell (Gresham) - Ethics*, Funding*
Roseme (Valdez)
Savage (Funderburk) - Ethics*, Funding*
Winther (Pickett)

5. Local Government Updates (10 mins)

   A. Mayor’s Office (Yeghig Keshishian)
   B. CD4 Update (Ben Seinfeld)
   C. CD5 Update (John Darnell)

6. Community Concerns/Public Comments (2 mins)

   A. Presentation of GWNC Citizen Recognition Award (Fred Mariscal) (5 mins)
      i. Steve Martinez
   B. Figueroa/Riverside Bridge Project Support* (Trisha Gossett/EnrichLA) (2 mins.)
   C. Other Public Comments

7. Election Committee Report (Barbara Savage)

   A. Candidate Forum – Tuesday, March 18, 6:30 p.m., Wilshire United Methodist Church
   B. Change in election venue: John Burroughs Middle School*
   C. Flyer/Door Hanger/Table Tent Draft

8. Treasurer’s Report & Budget Items (Patti Carroll & Elizabeth Fuller) (15 mins)*

   A. Monthly Budget Reports/Expenditures Approvals*
   B. YTD Budget*
   C. Progress report on outstanding contracts (Ebell, WUMC, E. Fuller, etc.)
   D. Ad Hoc Funding Subcommittee Report, Recommendations and Final Funding Votes on Previously Submitted Grant Applications*:
      i. Enrichment Center Summer Camp (Diann Farmer)
      ii. Los Angeles Drama Club (Blair Larsen)
      iii. Enrich LA School Garden Education Program
      iv. L.A. Team Mentoring (Sabrina Vegnone)
      v. Wilshire Park School Beautification (Gene Benda)
      vi. Harrison Trust/L.A. High Beautification (Joyce Kleifield)
      vii. St. Gregory Nazienzen School/Computers (Linda Guzman)
      viii. Friends of Wilshire Branch Library/ Beautification (Debbie Willis)
      ix. Wilshire Crest PTA/Music Program (Jocelyn Duarte)
      x. Hollywood/Wilshire YMCA (Kitty Gordillo)
      xi. Friends of 3rd St. School/Courtyard beautification (Mike August)

9. DWP Oversight (Jack Humphreville) (5 mins)*

10. City Budget Issues (Humphreville) (5 mins)*

11. Old Business (5 mins.)

12. New Business (5 mins.)

   A. City Council Motion on Seismic Retrofitting* (Gilman?)

13. Transportation Committee (Gerda McDonough) (5 mins.)

   A. Crenshaw staging yard concerns (noise, hours, wall construction)*
   B. LADCP’s My LA report on Mobility Element Update*
   C. “Save Our Streets LA” information and update
   D. Metro’s Complete Streets workshop
   E. Safe Routes to School Initiative*
   F. People’s Streets Initiative*
   G. Update on Repair Status of Hancock Park Failed Streets
   H. Extended Work Hours on Metro’s Purple Line Project and Motion*
   I. Update on Carling Way Alley repair

14. Outreach Committee (Mariscal) (5 mins)

15. Board Member Reports and Comments (10 mins)

   A. Metro Station Art Tour (Carpenter) (2 mins.)

16. Public Comments (5 mins)

17. Land Use Committee (James Wolf) (5 mins)

   A. 7-Eleven at Wilton/Olympic*
Issue: In 2012, GWNC voted to support entitlement requests for the conversion of a gas station at Wilton & Olympic to a 7-Eleven store, with the single condition that the area of the existing pole sign not be increased. GWNC’s vote was taken, however, in the context of the applicants’ explicit promise that it would be a “dry” store with no alcohol sold either now or in the future (alcohol sales were not among the privileges being sought by the applicants). When hearing notices for the project were issued by the Zoning Administrator’s office a few weeks ago, however, floor plans showed space for alcohol and the ZA’s staff report mentioned the possibility of future alcohol sales. GWNC immediately advised the ZA’s office that its previous vote of support would be null and void if alcohol was going to be part of the discussion for the project. Later, at the February Land Use meeting, the 7-Eleven representative said the ZA’s office had distributed outdated plans and information. He presented new plans, which were also submitted to the ZA, which showed landscaping and other changes requested by the ZA and eliminated any references to alcohol. He also reiterated the applicants’ explicit promise not to seek permission for alcohol sales, either now or in the future.

Proposed Motion: That the GWNC support the application for the 7-Eleven, on the condition that there will be no alcohol sales at the site, either now or in the future.

   B. Conversion of Existing Recreational Space to Second Dwelling Unit at 118 N. Gramercy Pl.*
Issue: Applicant purchased the property from her parents a few years ago. It currently contains a single family house, detached garage and a backyard building permitted as a rec room, but long used as a second dwelling unit. She now seeks permission to demolish the non-compliant building and construct a new, smaller dwelling unit in its place, according to guidelines set forth in the city’s Accessory Dwelling Unit ordinance. Neighbors expressed concerns about the size and style of the new building, but the applicant said the new unit will be smaller and more in keeping with the Craftsman style of the main residence on the property. She also offered to work with the neighbors in further development of the building plans.

Proposed Motion: That the GWNC oppose the plans as currently submitted, but that the applicant be encouraged to work with the neighbors, to revise the building plans to fully meet the 9 major criteria of the new ADU law, and to return to the Land Use Committee with the revised plans for another vote.

   C. Clarification of CUP date/version for the new Midtown Bar & Kitchen at 5722 W. Melrose
Issue: This business, owned by the same people who own the nearby Osteria Mamma, opened recently at the site of the former Pueblo Viejo restaurant. Because there was an existing liquor permit at the site, there was no entitlement application or community review process before Midtown opened, and neighbors want to make sure the new business is fully in compliance with the existing permits. The Land Use Committee reviewed the existing permit (in place since 1992), which shows 13 specific conditions for operation, most of which the new business seems to be heeding. There is, however, a requirement that there be no bar or lounge area for the sale, service or consumption of alcoholic beverages directly to patrons…that sales of alcohol be incidental to food sales at all times…and that there be no exterior signage advertising the availability of alcoholic beverages. Since the permit is already in place, however, and the business is already open, Land Use Committee members generally agreed that if the business seems to be out of compliance in any way, neighbors should start with notifications to the appropriate city enforcement agencies.

   D. Liquor Permit for Unnamed New Restaurant at 710 N. El Centro
Issue: Applicants for a CUB to sell a full line of alcoholic beverages at a new restaurant at this location brought the issue only to the Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council, even though the property is adjacent to areas represented by other NCs, including GWNC (it sits at the northern end of Larchmont Blvd., which is the key commercial district within the GWNC area). Requests that the applicants also make presentations to the GWNC were refused, and city approvals were granted without input from GWNC or other affected areas. At its last Board meeting, GWNC called an Emergency Meeting and voted to send letters to the applicants and appropriate city agencies, notifying them that the other key NCs should be included in the approval process before decisions are made. The letters have been sent (see handout), but neither the applicants or the city have scheduled further discussions.

Potential agenda items for future LUC meetings:

   - Condo development at 853-859 S. Lucerne
   - Building line repeal at Kangnam Restaurant (4103 W. Olympic Blvd.)
   - 30-unit development at 4180 W. Wilshire (at Crenshaw)
   - Presentation for proposed Cheerful Helpers school
   - CUB for liquor sales at restaurant at 6919 Melrose
   - Sidewalk plaza/widening in lieu of street widening at 710 El Centro
   - Change of use to non-profit museum at former Masonic Temple building (4357 W.
   - Proposed Cheerful Helpers School
   - Expansion of restaurant space at Girasole (Larchmont Blvd.)
   - Construction of 12 wireless telecomm antennas on rooftop at 713 N. Hudson
   - Resolution to support Proposition D medical marijuana enforcement efforts
   - Proposed addition to a single-family residence with reduced side setbacks at 200 S.

18. Announcements and Adjournment (5 mins)

   Next meeting: Wednesday, April 9, 7:00 p.m.

* Board Action May Be Requested or Required on These Items

Translators, sign language interpreters, and listening devices for the hard-of-hearing are available upon request. To ensure the availability of services, please make your request at least three (3) business days (72 hours) before the scheduled meeting date by contacting the GWNC Board Secretary, Jeffry Carpenter via email: or the Empower LA Neighborhood Council help line at (213) 485-1360.

In compliance with Government Code section 54957.5, non-exempt writings that are distributed to a majority or all of the board in advance of a meeting may be viewed at our website at or at the scheduled meeting. In addition, if you would like a copy of any record related to an item on the agenda, please e-mail or telephone (424) 901-1409.

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